The AAPL Member Directory – An Indispensable Tool

Membership Directory Cover

One of the benefits of joining the AAPL is that you receive a printed member directory, and you also gain access to the electronic member directory available on the AAPL website.  This tool has become very useful over the years, and today I’d like to talk about some of the various ways in which I use it.

The almost 500 page reference book starts out by including some great information that is generally useful to AAPL members.  The first 50 pages encompass background information about the AAPL membership types, award programs & recipients, contact information on AAPL executive members and staff, as well as contact information for the various local landman associations.  It also includes a copy of the Code of Ethics and AAPL Bylaws & Standards of Practice.  All of this information is a great reason to keep this book handy — but ultimately this is just bonus information.

The actual membership directory portion of the book includes AAPL membership listings by name, company name, and city/state.  The directory includes when a member joined the AAPL, their title and company information, as well as any contact information they have supplied.  This usually includes an office phone, cell phone, and email address.

Finally the back of the book has some generic reference information.  There is a page on measurement conversions (How many perches are in a chain?), a section with BLM organizational information, contact information for each states mineral management department and the COPAS Annual Overhead Adjustment Factor.

How do I use the membership directory?  Here are a few examples:

  • When I get an email from a landman that I don’t know I will quickly look for their name in the directory.  This tells me a few things — How long they have been a member, if they have any certifications, and what company they work for.  This information offers a pretty good starting place for knowing a persons background.\
  • If I receive a resume I can quickly verify membership or certification status.  Of course, the directory is only updated yearly, so the online directory is also useful in this regard.
  • If I am working on a project and need information from a company that I don’t know anyone the directory is obviously useful.  I can quickly scan through the membership by company section and see who is listed and what their job title is.  I find the online directory is better for this purpose, the printed directory only lists employee names in the membership by company section.  Then you have to manually find that persons listing in the alphabetical directory listings.  In the online version you can simply run a search by company and get a full listing for each member in one place (see the example image below).
  • While I don’t take the time to login to the AAPL website unless I can’t find what I’m looking for in the book, the online membership directory is a very robust tool.  It allows you to search by first name, last name, company, address, email, job title or designation (RL/RPL/CPL).  So for instance, I could create a search for all the CPLs in Shreveport that work for BHP.

Membership Directory

While the membership directory may not be a tool that you use every day, it is a great reason to be a member of the AAPL.  I find myself reaching for the book several times a month, and I am glad that it is available for my use.  If your book is sitting at home on a shelf, you might consider putting it in a more accessible location.  You may actually find it useful.

Randy Young

Randy Young

Randy is a land consultant with experience in field and in-house land work, land administration, and software consulting with systems used in the land management business. He is an active member of the AAPL, HAPL, and NHAPL and is a regular attendee of industry functions.

Randy’s latest projects have included land data systems integrations, with a focus on Quorum Land System.