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Promotes, Carries, and Bears…Oh My!

Promotes, Carries, and Bears...Oh My!
During my time as a field landman I never really got the opportunity to see how deals work and how the economics of a deal play out with regards to the party who develops it.  In hindsight, that’s unfortunate because it’s some pretty interesting stuff. I’ve been told that many of the readers of this blog are field landmen, so I thought some background on it might be of some interest to you.  Don’t confuse this background information  for someone who has stratospheric knowledge about this subject.  My exposure to the subject is still woefully inadequate, something I hope to ...

AAPL – Joint Operating Agreements Class

AAPL - Joint Operating Agreements Class
I recently attended a seminar called Joint Operating Agreements, Exploration and Participation Agreements, hosted by the AAPL, taught by Dorsey Roach, CPL.  Not having much direct experience with these type of agreements, other than reading them, I assumed that I stood to learn quite a bit.  I was pleasantly surprised by the 2-day course, and found it very informative. While the title of course might lead you to think that it only addresses joint operating agreements, Mr. Roach also broached the topic of Participation Agreements and Exploration Agreements.  He feels that these agreements are being used much more often, and in ...

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