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What Have You Done This Month to Better Yourself? A Challenge.

Over the last few months I’ve gotten so many phone calls and emails from great people in the land business who are looking for work.  One of the first things I always ask them is “What have you done lately?”  The answer I usually get is some variation of “well I was working for so […]

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Experience: Our Way of Evaluating Landmen is Hurting our Industry

A demon that has always been lurking in the corner in our business is how we decide how much someone is worth.  Think about the last time you recommended someone to your supervisor.  The first question they asked was probably “How many years of experience does he/she have?”.  Occasionally you’ll get the “send me their […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Landman Certifications

Let’s first get on the same page. I’m not talking about attending a certificate program, I’m also not talking about getting certified by some organization other than the AAPL. I’m talking about certifications that are available from the AAPL by completing all the requirements.  There are three certifications available: arrow-right RL – Registered Landman arrow-right […]

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