Why Are Companies Outsourcing Land Administration

Oftentimes we hear about ‘outsourcing’ and we think negative thoughts.  Some of you may even be expecting to hear about how some company now has lease analysts or division order analysts based in India — although that isn’t what I’m talking about today.  I’d like to discuss a trend I’m seeing in small to medium […]

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The Lease Clause You Must Watch For in Due Diligence

I was recently cleaning out some old files and came across a difficult situation I dealt with several years back.  Some of you may have dealt with similar issues in the past, but I’m certain many of you have not.  Evaluating no surface usage provisions in leases is an integral part of the E&P life-cycle. […]

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My Passwords are Destroying My Life!

The more interactions I have with the corporate part of oil & gas companies the more I realize: They have lots of systems that aren’t linked in and require different passwords. They require passwords to be changed on some arbitrary basis that doesn’t even match for their own systems. The password requirements are such gibberish […]

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