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People Who Create Content in the Land Business

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Earlier last year I published a post detailing websites that I often visit.  That post still gets a lot of traffic, and my original intention was to write an article detailing the people that create content that is relevant to me as a land professional in the oil & gas industry.  I quickly found out that my list wasn’t long enough to make an article out of, so I thought I just needed to look a little harder….

I went through 2 months of twitter feeds, the last month of LinkedIn, and about 6 months of emails to find people who wrote articles, published material, or otherwise helped me educate myself through reading.  What did I find?  My list was still abysmally short — and that is a problem.  If you examine other parts of the oil & gas industry you will find many examples “thought leaders” who not only innovate, but strive to share that knowledge with others.  You’ll know when you see them because they publish through their company blog, regularly submit to industry publications, and you can tell through their writing that it isn’t only for self promotion — it is really because they want to share with like-minded professionals.  Don’t worry, I’m still going to share my (shorter than intended) list of people I follow, but first I want to address a few issues that stop people from helping to grow our profession by creating content:

Why Don’t People Create Content?

“I’m Not a Writer”

Well, I’ve got news for you, neither am I.  You’ll likely find some bad grammar, punctuation errors, and poor choice of words in many of my articles.  However, I also realize that I am my worst critic.  So all it takes is to sit down and start talking about a topic by writing your thoughts.

“I Don’t Know What to Write”

This is actually one of the easier problems to conquer.  All of the people that I follow go through periods of time where they struggle to find topics to discuss, but we eventually just decide to open our eyes.  Most of my article ideas come from current or past problems at work, reading discussion forums like that the ones on LinkedIn, or talking to colleagues.  Carry a notebook, or use a note taking app and write down things you think of throughout the day.  You would be surprised how quickly you generate a list of ideas.

“I Don’t Have Anywhere to Publish”

The outlets to publish your content in the age of the internet is boundless.  I started by writing missives on LinkedIn groups, and quickly found that it was hard to keep an archive of the things I’d written (so I started a website).  There are a few websites in my profiles below that would be glad to accept relevant guest postings about topics of interest to their readers (including, if you want to publish an article here email me:  Don’t forget that we have several industry associations like the AAPL, NALTA, NADOA, and IRWA that publish at least quarterly (did you know that the AAPL has three different avenues for publishing material?).  

“It Takes a Long Time and Doesn’t Help Me”

Ok, I admit it, I made this one up.  I think many of you know how publishing quality content that is relevant to other professionals in your industry can help you.  You’ll meet new people, gain respect, get name recognition, and be seen as a thought-leader in your industry.  Are there any qualities more useful in the professional world?

The List

In an effort to get a little more social interaction via comments and sharing (Facebook Likes, Google +1′s, Tweeting) I’ve included my list of people I respect and follow in our business inside the “content locker” below.  How do you see what’s inside?  

You just hit one of the buttons in the box below and share this article with your network and the rest of the article will open up.  

You’ll notice it doesn’t have a LinkedIn button (yet), but if you want to share this on LinkedIn as well, I’d certainly appreciate it — over 40% of this websites traffic comes from LinkedIn.

If you didn’t think my article was good, and don’t want to share it, no hard feelings.

Is there anyone who writes articles or teaches that influences you in your career?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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