The Best Deed Plotting Software

I recently wrote a free report which reviews all of the different Deed Plotting software available on the internet.  It discusses Greenbriar Graphics - NetDeedPlotter and Sandy Knolls - Metes & Bounds, which are the "800  pound gorillas" of the field, as well as several other players that are out there.  There are even a few free options that have limited capabilities.

Deed plotting software is useful for landmen, right of way agents, real estate agents, surveyors, and anyone else that needs to quickly plot the outline of a tract of land.  I have even seen it used for making basic blueprints for houses.

After writing the review I found that Metes & Bounds seemed to have the most options and best features.  Not to mention it was significantly less expensive than NetDeedPlotter from Greenbriar Graphics.


to the Deed Plotting Tools Report.

Deed Plotting Tools Report

This report reviews six different deed plotting tools and tells you all about each product.  We review free software, trial versions, and full versions.

Included in the review is a chart that shows all the different software that is out there, and compares the features that are available.  I downloaded a trial of Metes & Bounds and tried it out -- it was pretty impressive.  I did have to work with a bit to figure out certain functions, but I was able to map tracts and make some nice maps with it.  It offers a lot of options of configuration of how you would like to maps to be displayed.

I recommend you try out Metes & Bounds, there is a free trial!  To get the free report, just enter your information, or Click Here.

If you'd like to go ahead and get Metes & Bounds then follow this link, the software is a great value at only $69.95!

Here is a quick chart outlining the differences between the versions of Metes & Bounds.  Obviously the Pro version is the best bang for your buck.

Randy Young

Randy Young

Randy is a land consultant with experience in field and in-house land work, land administration, and software consulting with systems used in the land management business. He is an active member of the AAPL, HAPL, and NHAPL and is a regular attendee of industry functions. Randy's latest projects have included land data systems integrations, with a focus on Quorum Land System.