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Faxing is Dead — I Need a Fax Machine. 7

I’ve come to realize that the only businesses in the oil & gas industry who use fax machines are the ones I need to do business with.  I don’t know why that is… people always tell me that nobody uses fax machines anymore.  I’ve got news for you, I do and it’s not by choice.  It’s not every day, but several times I month I end up having to send something somewhere and it has to go by fax.  Now mind you, I’m pretty computer savvy, I do all that blog ‘stuff’.  I am completely capable of scanning a document into a pdf and emailing it, and these companies are perfectly capable of receiving that email and printing it out.  Unfortunately they insist on receiving things by fax. fax-to-email-FoIP The funny part is, this has been going on for years.  Sometimes I don’t need to send things via fax for a while, six months or so.  Inevitably, it will rear its ugly head again.  So recently, when a buddy of mine asked me how I handle sending faxes when I don’t have a fax machine handy, I sent him the info on the service I’ve used for the last 3 years — MaxEmail.com.

MaxEmail is a pretty great, inexpensive service that will assign you a fax line and convert your faxes to pdfs and email them to you.  They also allow you to ‘fax out’ through their website.  I think they also do ‘voicemail to email’ conversion but I don’t use that.  Their “Lite” service (the only I use) is only $24/year and you get a fax line (non-local, which means a random area code) that can receive 100 fax pages a month.  Obviously I never use 100 fax pages a month, but for $24/year I think it’s a great deal.  So I have a fax number to put on my business cards and email signatures, even though it’s extremely rare for someone to use it.  If you want to send out faxes from their system they charge you 10 cents a page, but I think I loaded $10 on there years ago and just recently had to refill it. Of course they have more expensive options where you can pick a local fax number, or have multiple numbers (as a ‘corporate’ types of plan), but again, I don’t use those.  I use the bland little $2 a month option, and I like to know that if anyone asks “Yes, you can send me a fax.”

So, if anyone is interested in getting MaxEmail, feel free to check out their site through the banner below.  They send me a few bucks if you signup with the, which will certainly help pay for my hosting costs. MaxEmail-fax-to-email

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  1. Reply TyPacker Feb 20,2013 7:56 am

    I have found that in Texas hardly anyone uses a fax anymore but up here in Ohio or West Virginia its still very popular. I thought I was stepping back in time when I came up here to work. Scanning and emailing your documents is better in my opinion. Besides….you need to have a landline to run a fax machine; most people have only cell phones. At least from my experience.

    • Randy Young Reply Randy Young Feb 20,2013 7:58 am

      Maybe the article wasn’t exactly clear — but this service gives you a fax number and when people fax to it then it emails you the fax. If you want to send a fax you login to the website and upload your scanned document and give it the number to send it to. Then it just sends the fax from ‘your’ fax number. So you have a ‘digital’ fax machine.

    • Randy Young Reply Randy Young Feb 21,2013 3:47 pm

      Yeah, it’s pretty similar. Except that instead of $24/year it’s $16.95/month. You probably get more services for the price (hopefully), but the annual price is more than 7x the cost of maxEmail — and that’s for the cheaper plan.

  2. Reply Bobby Simpson Apr 1,2013 10:50 am

    I use HelloFax. For $9.99 a month, we can have fax notifications sent to multiple email accounts of our choosing, receive 300 fax pages, and integrate faxes with HelloSign which we use as much as possible for digital signatures. If interested, check it out through our referral link below.

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  3. Reply Leo Welder Sep 11,2013 6:21 pm

    eFax does offer a lot more features than MaxEmail, but it is definitely expensive. A happy medium between $24/year for an 815 area code phone number and no included outgoing faxes per year and eFax’s $170/ year plan, is Nextiva. They have plan that offers a local number and 500 receive OR send pages per month for $59.40/year. It’s still 2.5x more expensive, but it’s only $35/ year to be able to print a local number on your business card rather than an 815 area code. Take a look here for more info: Nextiva

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