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AAPL – Joint Operating Agreements Class

I recently attended a seminar called Joint Operating Agreements, Exploration and Participation Agreements, hosted by the AAPL, taught by Dorsey Roach, CPL.  Not having much direct experience with these type of agreements, other than reading them, I assumed that I stood to learn quite a bit.  I was pleasantly surprised by the 2-day course, and found […]

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Metes & Bounds Deed Plotting Software by Sandy Knoll Software

I recently wrote a free report which reviews all of the different Deed Plotting software available on the internet.  It discusses Greenbriar Graphics – NetDeedPlotter and Sandy Knolls – Metes & Bounds, which are the “800  pound gorillas” of the field, as well as several other players that are out there.  There are even a […]

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