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Metes & Bounds Deed Plotting Software by Sandy Knoll Software

Metes & Bounds Deed Plotting Software by Sandy Knoll Software
I recently downloaded a review from LandmanBrokers.com which reviews all of the different Deed Plotting software available on the internet.  It discusses Greenbriar Graphics NetDeedPlotter and Sandy Knolls Metes & Bounds, which are the “800  pound gorillas” of the field, as well as several other players that are out there.  There are even a few free options that have limited capabilities. Deed plotting software is useful for landmen, right of way agents, real estate agents, surveyors, and anyone else that needs to quickly plot the outline of a tract of land.  I have even seen it used for make basic ...

It’s a Tough World For a Lone Landman.

It seems like no matter what time of year it is, or whether the market is good or bad, there are always landmen out there who need jobs.  One feature I’ve noticed is that if a landman is consistently having trouble finding a new contract it is because they have a poor network to draw on.  Developing your network of fellow landmen before you need to use it is the most important thing you can do for your career.  Many people do a few parts of my ‘Networking List’, but one or two things doesn’t give you results.  You need ...

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