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We have a variety of advertising options available to our sponsors.  

First, a little background on our readers: traffic varies by the post, but the majority of our traffic comes from field landmen, in-house landmen, title attorneys, and mineral owners.  

We also feature reviews of tech electronics that would be of interest to our readers, and those posts receive a large variety of traffic types.

We do not:

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    Inflate our page views by making people click on many pages to read the content.
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    Buy cheap traffic to jack up our prices, that is why we have flat prices.

Traffic Stats:

Our advertisers (including direct ads and network ads like AdSense) receive an average Click Through Ratio of 4.8%.
All images need to be non flash and of reasonable size.


Zone A - Exclusive Featured 468x60px Banner: $500 per month.
Zone B - Exclusive Featured 160x160px Square: $250  per month.
Zone C - 5 Rotating 240x240px Square: $50 per month.

Custom packages and discounts are available on request.  For more information please contact us below:

Tell us how you want to advertise and we'll get in touch!