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Advertise With Us

By:    | 28 Jan 2013

Would you like to advertise to our readers on

We have a variety of advertising options available to our sponsors.  First, a little background on our readers: traffic varies by the post, but the majority of our traffic comes from field landmen, in-house landmen, title attorneys, and mineral owners.  We also feature reviews of tech electronics that would be of interest to our readers, and those posts receive a large variety of traffic types.

We DO NOT inflate our page views by making people click on many pages to read the content.
We also DO NOT buy cheap traffic to jack up our prices, that is why we have flat prices.

Traffic Stats:

Our advertisers (including direct ads and network ads like AdSense) receive an average Click Through Ratio of 4.8%.
All images need to be non flash and of reasonable size.


Zone A – Exclusive Featured 468x60px Banner: $500 per month.
Zone B – Exclusive Featured 160x160px Square: $250  per month.
Zone C – 5 Rotating 240x240px Square: $50 per month.

Custom packages and discounts are available on request.  For information on  ad placement see below.   To contact us just fill out the form below:

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If this form doesn’t work for you, send an email to “admin at landmaninsider dot com”   Grid:

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