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35 Reasons to Join the AAPL 2

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We are finally getting to a point where I don’t hear arguments from landmen (particuarly field landmen) against joining the AAPL on a regular basis.  However, there are still a few naysayers out there, and if you aren’t a member you might not be aware of the the AAPL Company Recognition Program.  It’s pretty important that you are aware of it, because it affects those who are not members.

What is the AAPL Company Recognition Program?  The following is taken directly from the latest issue of Landman magazine:
The following oil and gas companies and brokerage firms have made the commitment to participate in AAPL’s company recognition program.  To be a part of the program company leaders have made the commitment to hire landmen who are AAPL members and therefore are bound by the AAPL Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
Most of you analytical types will hone in on the part that says “made the commitment to hire landmen who are AAPL members”.  It takes a bit of reading between the lines, but it might as well say “made the commitment not to hire landmen who are not AAPL members”.  What does this mean for you?  Now, more than ever, if your resume in a stack and you aren’t an AAPL member — you have a great chance of missing the initial cut, regardless of your experience level.  This program is intended for companies who have 100% AAPL membership of employees or contract personnel that perform land-work on their behalf.

I think you’ll find that you know of a few of the 35 companies that currently participate in the program, and I think you’ll also find that this list will grow over the next year.  I dug up the meeting notes from September 2013′s Board of Director’s Meeting and the program was reported at that time to have 26 participants.

Company Participation Program Participants

  1. AED Group
  2. AmeriTex Landman Group
  3. BP America Production Company
  4. Cimmaron Field Services, Inc.
  5. CINCO
  6. Dawson Energy Land Services, Inc.
  7. Devon
  8. Endeavor Land Group, LLC
  9. Energen Resources
  10. EOG Resources
  11. Gunter Land Services, LLC
  12. Harold J. Anderson Inc.
  13. Hawkeye Research Inc.
  14. Lawrence D. Brudy & Associates, Inc.
  15. Midwest Land Services
  16. Noble Energy
  17. Paramound Land, Inc.
  18. PCJ Energy Solutions
  19. PennPacific Onshore
  20. Percheron Energy
  21. Mayers Land Services
  22. Purple Land Management
  23. Quanah Energy
  24. Quest Exploration, LLC
  25. Roger A. Soape, Inc.
  26. Ross Land Services, LLC
  27. Southwestern Energy
  28. Stephens Land Services
  29. Terra Research Partners, LLP
  30. Thomas Development
  31. Threshold Land Services
  32. Tioga Resources
  33. TSD Land Company
  34. Tyner Land Solutions
  35. Wildcat Resources, Inc.

So, if you aren’t a member, head on over to the AAPL webpage and download an application today.

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  1. Reply Paul Jackson Apr 10,2014 8:08 am

    Timing is everything… AAPL has a booth at NAPE. Try to stop by and get registered.

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